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TokMatik’s TikTok likes aren’t like the bot-generated, fake ones sold by other providers. Fake likes vanish quickly and don’t help at all. TikTok may even punish you for using them.
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The TokMatik difference

Buying authentic TikTok likes is the fastest way to build your account’s engagement rates. And TokMatik’s likes are from real people. They won’t disappear like the ones created by bots. We can deliver as many as you need, at low prices – instantly.

Knowledge and Experience

Our expert team delivers what no other service can: authentic engagements. They’re guaranteed to stick for the long term and won’t put your account in any danger!

Affordable Prices

Our authentic, high-quality likes are surprisingly inexpensive – and we’re so sure you’ll be delighted with them that we’ll give you 100 likes just to try us out!

Instant Delivery

You’ll see your authentic TikTok likes appear within minutes of your order. Get ready to see the results quickly, too!

Top-Notch Support

We’re to help with your questions or order anytime you need us. Priority customer support – and great results – is how we keep clients coming back again and again!

Reviews of our likes

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I decided to buy TikTok followers to grow my account-engagement, and the result is awesome!

Review by Alexander Sawer
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Awesome price, awesome delivery 😍

This service is an absolute gem. I still can't belive the value you get for these prices.....

Review by Peter Torman
was collected through our review email survey.

As good as it gets.

Best website for all my TikTok marketing needs. Fast support, fast delivery, cheap prices. What more could I want?

Review by Arkanisyan Alexander
was collected through our review email survey.

Fastest delivery around!

I literally received my entire order in a few hours. Tried a few other websites prior and this one blows them out of the water!

Review by Justin
was collected through our review email survey.

Have more questions? We have answers!

Here are some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, just contact us. We love helping new customers!

Do likes matter on TikTok?


Of course, it makes you feel good to see that lots of people like the videos you’ve spent hours producing. But that’s far from the only benefit to accumulating likes.

If you want your videos to regularly be shown to users in their “For You” feeds, TikTok has to decide that the videos are worth displaying to a larger audience. And they use special computerized algorithms to make those decisions.

The algorithms consider an account’s overall popularity (measured by followers), the number of times a video has been viewed – and the number of likes the video post has received. That’s why likes really matter on TikTok; they signal to the platform’s algorithms that users think a video is worth watching, and should be shown to a larger number of people.

There’s another reason why TikTok likes matter: social proof. When surfers see a video with a high likes count, they assume that it’s worth watching. After all, if thousands of people liked it, it must be good. So they end up watching it, too.

The number of likes (along with the number of views and the poster’s follower count) is the proof people often need when deciding whether to spend their time watching a video. And if they watch your video, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll end up following your account. If you want large audiences to see your posts on TikTok, likes don’t just matter. They’re vital.

Is buying TikTok likes a good idea?

It is, if you want your account to receive more TikTok engagements.

Just starting an account and posting videos isn’t going to give you much visibility on the platform, since the TikTok algorithms favor popular accounts and videos. You have to do something to give your account a boost, or you could be waiting for years to become popular.

There’s where TikTok likes come in. They automatically provide “social proof” for users that a video must be worth watching – since so many people have already watched it. Even more importantly, a high likes count signals to the TikTok algorithms that the video is popular and worth showing to other random users.

But you have to be careful.

The TikTok likes you can buy from other providers are “fake” likes. They’re generated by bots; no one has really decided to like your video. TikTok can tell the difference, and they’ll quickly delete those likes. They may even penalize your account.

TokMatik likes are much more valuable, in a crucial way. We have a network of authentic TikTok users who are ready to like your video – and since they’re real users with real accounts, those likes won’t be deleted and you won’t be punished.

You’ll simply see more and more likes accumulating for your videos. More people will decide to watch and like the vids (thanks to social proof), your account will gain increased visibility (thanks to TikTok algorithms), and you’ll gain more likes and followers (from people who saw the videos for the first time and liked what they saw).

That is – if you play it smart and buy authentic TikTok likes from TokMatik.

Can other people see who liked my TikTok post?

No, only you can see that information in your account’s inbox. The only possibility to consider is that if you don’t have “private” set on your account, people can check to see if a specific user liked your post.

What’s more important, though, is that TikTok can see who’s liked your posts. That makes it easy for them to determine whether your likes are fake or real – and it’s why you should only use TokMatik’s authentic likes from real users.

What else can I do to grow my TikTok?

Always focus on producing great content, since as the saying goes, “content is king.” We continually post new insights and suggestions on our blog, providing ideas on current trends and the types of TikTok content that are most popular.

It’s also a very good idea to consider purchasing followers and video views for your account, in addition to buying likes. All three metrics determine how much visibility your videos will receive on the platform, and how many new viewers you’ll be able to attract.

What else can TokMatik do for me?

We’re a full-service social media provider and we do much more than deliver followers to our clients. We also offer reasonably-priced likes and views packages, all from authentic TikTok users. Maintaining a natural balance of followers, views, and likes is essential to boosting your TikTok status and ensuring that your account keeps growing organically.

Do I have to give you my TikTok password?

Absolutely not. We respect our customers’ privacy, and would never ask for your password or other personal information.

And if another service asks for your password – run away from them as fast as possible!

What payment methods do you accept? Is my payment secure?

We accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover.

And security is as crucial to us as it is to you. Your data is never stored on our servers; it’s tokenized and processed by our authorized credit/debit card network providers. The process has been certified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), and it’s the same way that online purchases from all trusted vendors are handled.

Your payment is secure, and your credit/debit card information is never at risk.

How fast is your delivery?

We serve thousands of clients, so our system is set up to work seamlessly with the ordering process.

Within minutes of your order, you will begin seeing your new TikTok likes appear in your profile. The process usually finishes very quickly, but the time for order completion can vary depending on the number of orders in our queue. If you don’t see all of your new followers within 48 hours, please contact our support team.

Why should I buy from you?

TokMatik is a social media management service with an extensive and successful history in the industry. Our staff has decades of combined experience working with social media platforms, and has been supplying high-quality TikTok engagements ever since the service was created. We have the knowledge and know-how that clients need to become popular and successful on the platform.

Even more importantly, we’re the only provider who delivers follows, likes and views from authentic TikTok users. That ensures that engagements remain active long-term and give your account the boost you expect.

Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy?

We want our clients to be happy. Happy clients are the key to our business, because they keep coming back again and again.

If there has been a problem with your order, please contact our support team after 48 hours have elapsed. Your followers should have arrived well before then, but that gives our programming team time to resolve any rare technical issues that may have arisen.

Once you’ve contacted our support team we handle all refund requests manually, and we work with you to be sure you receive adequate compensation if you’re not happy with the service you’ve received.

And even if you’re received your followers but think they weren’t delivered properly or in a timely manner, please let us know. We want to make sure our service works properly and efficiently, so all feedback is welcome.